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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Buy maternity items online

If you are pregnant for the first time,
then it is very crucial that you prepare
for the newborn in advance.

In fact, during the third month of the
pregnancy, you should start to buy
all your maternity items online,
and this include maternity clothes,
baby diapers, baby strollers, baby pram,
baby clothes, baby toys, baby walker
and so on.

If you don't know where to buy all these
items cheaply .... with discounts up to 70%
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Health care for new mums

For first time moms, it is important
that you NOT only take care of the child
in your tummy, but also take good care of
your own self too.

In short, health care for new mums and
personal care for new moms should be
given priority too.

To help you, here are some products
that are good for the personal & health
care of the 1st time moms :

Friday, October 7, 2011

Tips for first-time pregnant mums

Being pregnant for the first time is the most
anxious and agonising period in a women's life.

For one is swamped with queries about the
when, what, how and where ....of pregnancy ....

And being pregnant and expecting for the
1st time, it is only natural for you to want to
have more tips about pregnancy .... all the
secrets and advice on coping and managing
your pregnancy.

According to Dr Martha, an O&G specialist,
the best way to obtain all the pregnancy tips
is to check out the following keywords online :

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.... other words to do some research on pregnancy tips are :

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...... but according to Dr Melanie, the administrator of an online
pregnancy forum, the correct topics to look up are these :

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..... and with so much TIPS about pregnancy tips,
you may get a little bit tipsy though ......

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pregnancy tips for first time moms...

Being pregnant for the first time
can be a very harrowing experience.

For it is the first time that you are
carrying a baby, and you are at a loss
as to how to get everything done right.

Thus, it is important for first time moms
to get the best pregnancy tips in order
to ensure the safety of their new born.

And the recommended method to get
all the pregnancy tips for first time moms
is to do a google search ..... and you will
get results like these "

First Time Mothers' Tips

Special tips for first time mothers. ... across our network and drawing upon scientific evidence of best practices for healthy pregnancy and safe delivery. ... - Cached - Similar
  • What To Expect When You're Expecting, Pregnancy, Baby, Babies ...

    Track your pregnancy week-by-week, chat with other moms and moms-to-be, and find answers ... Check out these tub-time tips for that first bath and beyond. ... - Cached - Similar

  • Tips on First-Time Pregnancy |

    Tips on First-Time Pregnancy. A first-time pregnancy signifies a time of ... First time moms often laugh at this advice thinking, "I've got the rest of my ... › HealthFamily HealthWomens Health - Cached - Similar

  • Tips for the First-Time Mom

    Tips for the First-Time Mom. Print. Back to Mom to Mom. If you're a seasoned mom who's "been there, done that," you probably have a favorite "wish I knew ... - Cached - Similar

  • First Time Mom's: Tips To Make Your Life Easier

    First Time Mom's: Tips To Make Your Life Easier. Here you are and your pregnancy journey has ended. You have lived almost an entire year nurturing and ... - Cached - Similar

  • First Time Pregnancy — When Having a Baby

    10 Jan 2011 ... But tough these times maybe, moms like you can be your own boss and still ... When planning your first pregnancy, be sure to get your health ... - Cached - Similar

  • Tips for first time mothers during the first trimester of ...

    8 articles on Tips for first time mothers during the first trimester of pregnancy. trimester-of-pregnancy - Cached - Similar

  • What First Time Mothers Should Know About Pregnancy and Childbirth

    7 Apr 2007 ... Typically, a pregnancy takes anywhere from 38 to 42 weeks. Though many first- time mothers indicated that their babies were delivered past... › Home and FamilyPregnancy - Cached - Similar

  • What to Expect During Pregnancy, Early Pregnancy Advice, Pregnancy ...

    From the first signs of pregnancy to the positive pregnancy test through the day of delivery, ... Is It Time? Has Labor Started? Recognizing the Signs of Labor ... These are just a few of the informative articles moms-to-be are clicking on here and at our ... Here is what others are talking about and tips to help. ... - Cached - Similar

  • Another way to get tips on pregnancy
    for first time moms is to do a yahoo search
    to get results like this :

    1. All You Need to Know to Make Things Easier: November 2009

      Pregnancy Tips for First Time Moms; Top 10 Gift Ideas for Kids; 7 Tips on How to Handle Picky Eaters; A Day's Sample Menu for Toddler; Foods that Toddlers Should Not Eat​01_archive.html - Cached
    2. Tips On First-time Pregnancy | LIVESTRONG.COM

      Being pregnant for the first time is exciting, confusing and ... Pregnancy Tips for First Time Moms During Labor​firsttime-pregnancy - Cached
    3. Pregnancy and Fertility Tips

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    4. How to Understand The Different Stages Of Pregnancy ...

      Pregnancy Tips for First Time Moms ; Using a Home Pregnancy Test ; The Early Sign Of Pregnancy Faced By Women’s​pregnancy-cycle - Cached
    5. First Pregnancy Blog

      © 2010 First Pregnancy Blog | Privacy Policy. Pregnancy Tips for First Time Moms - Cached

    As there are not enough pregnancy tips sites
    available, you can then search at Bing for this :

    Tips for the First-Time Mom

    Tips for the First-Time Mom ... Preconception | Pregnancy | Pregnancy Week by Week | Baby Names | Baby | Baby Care | ...
  • Mom Tips - Advice and Information -

    Whether you're a first-time mom or a seasoned pro, you need a ... Quick tips to conquer clutter in your house and ... is a synthetic form of a hormone produced during pregnancy.

  • Pregnancy Trimesters Guide for First Time Moms : First Trimester ...

    Here is a quick guide for first time moms on what to expect during a typical pregnancy. ... Your Baby's First Month; New Mom Exhaustion: Tips from ‘Been There, Done That ...

  • Pregnancy Health Tips from Mom-Doctors - Seeing your baby for the ...

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  • First Pregnancy | Articles | Pregnancy Today

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  • My First Pregnancy | Pregnancy Advice For First Time Moms

    My First Pregnancy is the place first time moms can get educated, get questions answered ... Tips For A Healthy Mom And Baby. Pregnancy is one of the most precious things that can happen ...

  • Tips For New Moms | Baby | Baby, Pregnancy, and Parenting at ...

    Baby, Pregnancy, and Parenting ... well, actually it’s the first!) We asked our members, What tips would you give a brand new mom? ... My tip for a first-time Mom would be: When ...

  • What To Expect When You're Expecting, Pregnancy, Baby, Babies ...

    Track your pregnancy week-by-week, chat with other moms and moms ... Do you have any tips on handling stress during pregnancy?" ... For Dad | Pregnancy Diet | First ...

  • Tips for first trimester of Pregnancy : List of things to be Avoided

    Tips for first trimester of Pregnancy : List of things to be Avoided ... of the most important and critical time of your pregnancy . During this stage the first time mom ...

  • Great Tips For First Time Mothers: Bleeding and Cramping during ...

    • 0 posts ·
    • By Ashleigh
    This site has some of the most handy and innovative tips for first time moms which will make life with your little one a whole lot more fun.

  • By doing the above methods, you can
    certainly find tons of pregnancy tips for
    first time moms ....

    Tuesday, January 25, 2011

    16 Things Mums Told Us They Wished They'd Known When Pregnant

    There are so many surprises that come with having a baby, but what are the most important tips that women should be told in pregnancy to help prepare them?
    We found out what our members wished they had been told during pregnancy, about what to expect after having their baby.
    The response was over 110 ideas, ranging from useful tips on coping with a newborn to incredibly honest emotions like anger, love and depression. We've included a selection below to help prepare other pregnant women for life as a new mum:

    1. Babies don't poop everyday but you also shouldn't panic if they have a day where they use half a bag of nappies.
    2. You lose all dignity in labour and won't ever be a prude again!
    3. Little boys need their manhood pointing down in their nappies, otherwise they can pee out of the top of them.
    4. No matter how many books you read, you'll never be ready for a baby.
    5. "This may sound stupid, but no one told me that you have to actually deliver the afterbirth as if it were another baby."
    6. "Even when LO starts to sleep for longer periods, you don't as you can't help but check on them."
    7. Sometimes they cry because they want to be left alone; you don't need to be entertaining them constantly, occasionally they would just prefer some quiet time.
    8. Newborns can have very erratic breathing: fast, shallow and loud one minute and then soft and deep the next.
    9. It can be normal for a baby to projectile vomit (exorcist style) once or twice.
    10. "Nobody told me you had to dry between their toes." Check the folds in their armpits and neck too.
    11. Even though it is the women who give birth, the men will moan about being tired.
    12. There is an awful smell when your waters break.
    13. Don't worry too much about dressing your baby in its best clothes just for going to the shops. If you wrap them in a snow suit and blankets in the pram, nobody sees the outfit.
    14. Don't buy bibs that go over your baby's head without undoing. They are difficult to get off without tipping the food back over your baby's head.
    15. Winding a newborn by bouncing them over your shoulder can actually cause more wind. Instead, keep the baby still and pat them on the back.
    16. Oh, and enjoy every cotton pickin minute of it as the baby days are over soooo very quickly
    To find out the rest of the tips including colic, mother-in-laws and bathing after labour, as well as loads of other information about pregnancy, visit
    The views expressed here are those of mums on the Emma's Diary website. These views do not reflect the RCGP and Emma's Diary editorial staff.

    Pregnancy Hormones and the Need to Sleep and Eat in the Hormonal Pregnant Mum

    Pregnancy hormones love manipulating a pregnant mum's brain, sleep, body and life. The guilty steroidal culprits for mum's moody behavior are estrogen and progesterone - otherwise known as the woman's "reproductive steroids." These steroids, (pregnancy hormones), are responsible for conception, and follow baby's development from beginning to end. Both mum's behavior and health, and baby's behavior and health, will succumb to the affects of these hormones over the following nine months.
    The hormone of all hormones during pregnancy is referred to as HCG. (Otherwise known as human chorionic gonadotropin.) The increase in this pregnancy hormone is a great example of the hormonal changes that occur within a woman's body during pregnancy. During the first week of pregnancy, HCG levels might only be 0-5 mIU/ml. By the ninth month, HCG levels can be over 117,000 mIU/ml. Many medical researchers speculate that the behavior of this pregnancy hormone is responsible for mum's morning sickness. The pregnancy hormone behavior of progesterone has also been implicated in facilitating mum's morning sickness, since this hormone affects the digestive tract and stomach acids. Logically, mum's morning sickness could also be due to the fact that she had a gallon of pickle flavored ice cream the night before.
    There are many other pregnancy hormones that change the behavior of the pregnant mum's body and moods. Estrogen is not just one steroid, it has three womanly categories. Non-pregnant women start out with "estradiol." "Estrioal" is the reigning estrogen hormone in pregnant women. Another estrogen hormone, estrone, is reserved for menopausal women. (So "hormonal mum" can start her hormonal moods all over again.) The pregnancy hormone and estrogen estrioal is produced by the placenta, and just like HCG, starts off at low levels in the first trimester of pregnancy - but then heightens to a resounding culmination of hormones by the end of the third trimester.
    Estrogen levels are very important for a healthy baby, but they may play with mum's emotions. The central nervous system has estrogen receptors that are concentrated in the same area that controls our emotions. Estrogen treatment is used for post-partum blues and menopausal women going through depression because of their reduced estrogen levels. Estrogen treatment is also known to be effective in helping menopausal women to get a good night's rest. The behavior of estrogen hormones when used as a treatment for sleep would indicate that higher levels of estrogen may affect a pregnant mum's sleep cycles.
    Recent 2009 studies published in the journal Sleep also indicate that increased estrogen levels in pregnant women may be responsible for the prevalence of the sleeping disorder Restless Leg Syndrome in pregnant women, particularly during their third trimester when estrogen levels are at their peak and Restless Leg Syndrome is more likely to occur. Of course, mum's need for sleep is only partially due to hormones. A pregnant mum's body has to work double time when she's carrying around extra weight and feeling nauseous and dizzy while the baby is sapping out all of mum's nutrients. The best thing you can do for a moody hormonal pregnant mum is let her sleep and rest her body so she has the strength to get through the baby's first nine months.
    Pregnancy hormone behavior affects the behavior of a pregnant mum. Baby's body and mum's body are connected. Mum will feel baby's changing hormones, and baby will feel mum's changing hormones. The escalation of hormones during pregnancy is necessary to protect baby and mum - but these same hormones will also often result in a hormonal, tired and emotional mum. Pregnancy hormone behavior needs to be understood so mum's behavior can be understood. If the changing behavior of hormones is too much to understand, then just let mum be her hormonal self and let her sleep whenever she can. She'll explain it all to you in just about nine months.
    Katherine is a mother of two beautiful girls, a devoted student of personal development and a successful businesswoman in the direct sales industry. To find out more about how you can earn a great income, make friends for life, spend more time with your family, help people everyday and do this all while working from home, visit my website at Change Your Future Now

    Pregnant Women Deserve Special Christmas Gifts

    Looking for Christmas gifts for a pregnant woman can be really difficult. It does not make sense to buy them clothes as they will not fit for a very extensive time and alcohol is not suitable. You may wish to buy something that is extraordinary yet ideal for someone who is pregnant. So here for people who would like to buy Christmas gifts for a lady who is expecting are some excellent present ideas that might assist you to make her day special.
    A really remarkable yet fun gift is a belly casting gear. This has everything you require to create a plaster cast of the woman's belly. These are a wonderful reminder to the entire family of beforehand the baby was born. So if you are searching for a gift with a turn consider these kits.
    Also you would possibly like to treat somebody who is pregnant to something that assists them to relax a little bit. A pregnancy massage is great for that and might be carried out in the consolation of the lady's own home. What may be better than receiving Christmas presents like this? Or if the mum to be enjoys relaxing smells, an aroma therapy kit created for pregnancy will be supreme.
    To present Christmas gifts that will generate treasured memories a baby foot and hand casting kit is magnificent. The kit has everything required to produce plaster casts of baby's feet and hands. These could then be placed in a frame or displayed in a different way, which forms a beautiful keepsake that can be enjoyed by everybody.
    Next amazing gift for an expectant lady is a day out at a spa. These are the kind of Christmas presents that will offer total rest and relaxation. Something pregnancy women crave, exceptionally in their last months. Decide on a spa that is near to the lays home and inform them in advance that you are searching for a pregnancy package as there are particular treatments and vital oils that cannot be used for the period of pregnancy.
    Also you can look for Christmas gifts for after the birth. In this case, a silver finger print charm or necklace is an exclusive and special way to celebrate the birth of the baby. These can be created any time after the birth and offer a truly magnificent gift idea for any mum pregnant or otherwise.
    This article just suggested a few Christmas Gift Ideas for pregnant women. If you are still wondering what you can give as a gift for this special celebration, please visit Gifts & Wishes, online gift shop, where you will find a wide range of quality gifts for all occasions.
    Tamara Vasilevna Brown